Longsword in Glasgow

If you have always thought swords are cool, but have had no idea how to use one properly, then the Introduction to HEMA class is for you!

Our Introduction to HEMA class on Tuesday evenings is perfect for total beginners, and will also be useful for people joining us from other activities such as karate, boxing, modern fencing or LARP, regardless of whether or not you may have used a sword before!

These classes are recommended for everyone joining us for the first time with the other HEMA classes in mind. For activities such as longsword and broadsword, you need to develop a certain proficiency with body-movements and coordination, in addition to a grasp of the terminology and mechanical concepts that will be used in the classes. Some participants may only need one or two introductory sessions to be put on the right path, but do not be afraid to attend as many sessions as you need to build up your skills and memory from scratch before choosing your preferred discipline!

Our Introduction to HEMA classes run every Tuesday night between 6:00pm and 7:30pm. We recommend arriving about 10 minutes early if it is your first time visiting us.

You will have the opportunity to handle the training swords that we use in our regular classes, you will be fitted for fencing masks and other protective gear as required, and we’ll take you through light exercises and warm-ups to get ready for combat. The main part of the lesson will be explaining the terminology, methods and practises that are common to all sword arts, and taking you through non-contact drills (either solo or in pairs) to build up familiarity with the movements, mechanics and results we would expect from participants in all our classes. Time and progress allowing, we will show some of the study material for the various HEMA classes and take the class through some of the drilling exercises and games useful to get started with our main sessions!