The Vanguard Centre

The Vanguard Centre

The Vanguard Centre is a converted railway arch near Glasgow city centre. Just south of the Clyde, within 10 minutes walking distance of Central Station, our venue is well-situated and easy to reach.

We offer regular classes and events for:

archery: we have our own indoor archery range! We can provide all the equipment you need to get started, and beginners are welcome at our weekly drop-in sessions. No need to pre-book.

blacksmithing: we have our own forge and workshop, so we can teach this ancient skill. Get in touch by email or phone and book yourself a session to learn how to use fire and hammer to bend metal to your will.

HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts): we teach various forms of medieval and renaissance sword fighting, working from centuries-old textbooks written by fencing masters of the past. Come along to our weekly classes and learn how swordfighting was really done.

The instructors at the Vanguard Centre are experienced and well-recognised across the UK, Europe, and even further abroad.

Check out our classes, our prices, and our FAQ. Then contact us today and arrange your time to come along to one of our activities!