Scottish Broadsword in Glasgow

When planning the stag party for your friend, why not consider a stag party with swords? Swords are immensely cool, and you can spend the day hitting your friends with swords!

For an exciting stag party that will be memorable for many years to come, book a session with sword fighting and perhaps even some archery. We can organise stag parties in Glasgow, in our full time training venue in the city centre, and it’s always quite the experience!

A sample event could begin with the medieval two-handed longsword. We’ll teach you how to perform various strikes and defences, and the stag will have plenty of opportunities to defend himself against all of his friends! Then, for a bit of a break, we can do some archery, with various games to let all the party members test their accuracy against each other. Finally, we could round off the event by providing some protective equipment and sparring-safe swords, and you can play a variety of sparring games to keep the stag busy and tire him out, ready for an evening of carousing in the city.

Stag parties typically run for three or four hours. The typical rate is £50 per hour (in total, not per person), so a four-hour event would cost £200. We would be happy to add some additional activities or experiences to the event if you would like to jazz it up a bit!

If a stag party with swords appeals to you, get in touch with us and let’s see what we can do to give the stag an unforgettable experience!